Last Cast on Lake Decade

11 x 14  Unframed Print          = $     25.00
16 x 20  Unframed Print          = $     75.00
24 x 30  Unframed Print          = $   175.00
24 x 30  Framed Original        = Quote on Request*

     As the sun has set and the last remaining light of day reflects on the clouds over the horizon on this winter evening, an angler wrestles with one more fish before beginning the trek homeward.  This scene is very common in south Louisiana.  In the foreground is a typical well-head surrounded by it's wooden cribbing for protection.  Along with the riches of oil and gas being produced by this well, it also provides structure and hiding places for fish and blue crabs.  In the sky above a great Blue Heron glides silently to it's resting area for the night.  In the background along the levees of the lake many land animals, including deer which can be seen by an astute hunter,  prepare for a long winter night.

*Original includes mounting with triple matting under clear glass in a neutral frame.                  

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