The Keys

11 x 14  Unframed Print          = $     25.00
16 x 20  Unframed Print          = $     75.00
24 x 30  Unframed Print          = $   175.00
24 x 30  Framed Original        = Quote on Request*

     The Florida Keys was not where I was actually sitting down and seeing this place. This is a picture I did out of my imagination from being in the Keys in the past. Itís a place I put together from seeing different areas. The pictureís done on a red background in white and black. The picture depicts either a full moon rising or a sun, depending on what you feel it is. When I did it, I felt it was a moon rising. If you were a sailor, with the moon rising, the myth was ďred sky at night, sailorís delight; red sky in the morning, sailor take warning.Ē Itís a picture of coconut palms, sea grapes, a tranquil bay, white sand, and a thundercloud far off in the distance.  This picture was done the week of the 9/11 bombing on a trip that I was taking to Florida. When I see the picture I see calmness, I see peace, and I see America the beautiful. Itís a very emotional picture because of what was going on in America at the time. No one really knew what was coming, what to expect, or what was going to happen. But itís also a picture that no matter what happens, it shows the beauty that God intended in America and in the world.

*Original includes mounting with triple matting under clear glass in a neutral frame.                 

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