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Welcome.  My name is Fred Marks.  My work appears in private and public collections throughout the country and now, thanks to the internet,  my art is available to anyone with an appreciation for the spectacular scenery of the United States.  I hope you'll take a moment to view my pictures which feature scenery from the bayous of southern Louisiana, the mountains of the mid-west and the landscapes of Kentucky, to the tropical splendor of the Florida Keys, Mexico and Hawaii.

I've always wanted to do artwork.  I'm self-taught; my work has evolved over a number of years.  I'm reluctant to take instruction because I want my work to be an expression of what I see and the emotions I feel when I create it.  I want my art to capture the simple beauty and grace of nature; I don't want it influenced by someone else's idea of what my art should be.

I like to do landscapes, particularly trees and scenery, and I'm beginning to include native wildlife as my artistic talents develop and progress.  These pictures are a part of me and now, through the technology of digital prints, I can share my art and what I love to do with other people. 

My goal is to portray what lies behind the objects in the picture in a way that allows you to understand and appreciate the underlying beauty and mysteries of the scene.     

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I enjoy scenery.  I see things as simple as a moonrise or a moonset, things that everybody sees, but I've learned to see them and capture that moment in time forever.  Some of these things are so fleeting that you may never see them exactly the same way again.  Particularly sunrises and sunsets, or clouds moving across the sky.  Colors ranging from orange to pink to purple, colors that you wouldn't think the sky could be, are gone as quickly as they arrived.

Nature, swamps and water scenes are a big theme in my pictures.  Not only do I see beauty in the simplicity of a swamp or marsh, but I see that same beauty in mountains, creeks and valleys.  While it's beautiful where I grew up, I see that same beauty in my travels around the United States.

I come from a culture of friendly people, the Cajuns of southern Louisiana.  I'm from a large family and have lived in a place called Bayou Dularge all my life.  I've moved away a couple of times, but I always return; this is my home.  This area influences me by what I see, the very simple things that most of us just pass by without noticing.  Most of my pictures are done on site - in the woods, out in a boat in the marsh, on the bank of a creek, or in the snow when it's freezing cold.  And if it's a picture done when it's freezing cold, I try to capture that so that the viewer can envision being there in the brisk winter countryside.

A friend has one of my pictures titled "Summer Moon Over Lake Decade", which features a little sliver of moon at dusk with the bright point of Jupiter below it.  He recently told me that he was looking at his picture one night when it occurred to him that years after acquiring the picture he saw the actual event in the sky and knew immediately what he was looking at.  He said he never would have noticed or recognized it if he hadn't seen it beforehand in my picture.  I want my art to touch everyone that way.

I'm devoted to my art because I'm fueled by an inner passion, a driving force to capture the moment and let others see it.  When people see my art I want it to remind them of things they've seen and experienced.  And if they've never actually seen or experienced it, I want my art to take them there.

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