Crimson Gladiolas

18 x 30  Unframed Print          = $    140.00

18 x 30  Framed Original        = $    SOLD*

      This picture is entitled “Crimson Gladiolas.” It’s a picture of a red gladiola, sitting in a crystal vase, with just a neutral background. It’s a flower that came up in my momma’s yard years after she passed. No one had any recollection of who planted the bulb, or where the bulb came from. It was only one in a thicket of day lilies, narcissus and Easter lilies, all planted years ago by Momma. It would grow six or seven feet tall, and not fall over, just from the thicket holding it up. It would stick out because of its bright vivid color in the thicket. I picked a flower from that plant, and the night I picked it I put it in the vase, and took photos of it. I probably had the photo for ten years. I had always intended to draw the flower, just never did, until finally it was produced as a gift.

*Original includes mounting with triple matting under clear glass in a neutral frame.                

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