The Fourchon

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      The title of this picture is “The Fourchon” (pronounced foo-shawn.) Fourchon is located along the coast of South Louisiana in Lafourche Parish. The Fourchon is one of the last pieces of the chain of Louisiana beaches that still survives. It’s also one of the last beaches in America that you could still drive on with a vehicle as well as a popular area for local surfers. This picture depicts the edge of Belle Pass, the entrance of Port Fourchon, which is rapidly becoming the oil center of South Louisiana. On any given day literally hundreds of large vessels go in and out to support the oilfields along with the same amount of fishing vessels, using the port for entrance and exit into the Gulf. The picture shows the beach on a summer day when the high tide was coming in, making the water a brilliant emerald green with algae. It also shows the numerous oil and gas installations which dot the waters off the coast of Louisiana. It shows that industry can thrive and still maintain the beauty of the area. As a native of South Louisiana, where I’ve actually made my living working on these vessels and structures, it shows there’s also a beauty in these structures on the horizon. Along with their beauty, they create man-made artificial reefs, where on any given day, on any one of these structures, an angler can tie or anchor off, and catch any number of types of fish.


*Original includes mounting with triple matting under clear glass in a neutral frame.                   

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