Dogwoods on the Dairy

11 x 14  Unframed Print          = $     25.00
16 x 20  Unframed Print          = $     75.00

24 x 30  Framed Original        = $     Sold    *

As winter ends and spring comes upon the hills of Kentucky, one of the first to burst into bloom are the Dogwoods.

This tree, on of many on a local dairy farm, fills the landscape with color after a long winter.  Its white pedals with red centers signals the beginning of spring and the holy time of Easter.  This crooked-growing small tree also has a spiritual meaning for Easter.  Legend has it that the dogwood once grew straight and tall before the crucifixion of Jesus.  The cross on which Jesus died was made from the wood of the dogwood tree.  After this dogwood trees never again grew straight and tall, making its wood useless for such purposes.  It is also believed that the petals of the flower, which appear only in groups of four, represent the sign of the cross - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - with the mature flower turning blood red in the center, representing the blood of Christ.

*Original includes mounting with triple matting under clear glass in a neutral frame.              

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