Charlotte's Kitchen

11 x 14  Unframed Print          = $     25.00
16 x 20  Unframed Print          = $     75.00
24 x 30  Unframed Print          = $   175.00
24 x 30  Framed Original        = Quote on Request *

As the days grow shorter in the latter part of October the magnificent red maple tree bursts into color, varying from lemon yellow, orange and fire engine red.  The brilliant colors contrasting against the dark bark of the tree paints the northern woods of Kentucky with a canvas of abstract patterns.

The trees change from their colorful green to the rainbow of colors which mark the coming of autumn.   These colors, although beautiful, are short lived as the cool fall nights give way to the first frosts of winter.

This picture was done on a cold windy day from the kitchen of a favorite aunt because it was simply to cold to venture out.  As the picture was being completed, the tree was in full color with all its beautiful leaves intact.  As night fell a cold north wind blew bringing a night of heavy rain.  By morning's light, not one leaf was left on the tree.

*Original includes mounting with triple matting under clear glass in a neutral frame.                 

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